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1 x 113R00657, 113R657, High Capacity Print Cartridge (OEM) for Xerox® Phaser 4500
1 x Inter-Image Lamp (3-Wire version) 122K90020 for Xerox® 1012 style
1 x 127K53080, 127K64370, Drum Developer Drive Motor, Black (K) Xerox® WC7435F & WC7535F
1 x 130K64321, Thermistor 1 for Xerox® 4110 style
1 x 019K98743 or 019K98742, Fuser Heat Roll Picker Finger Assembly for Xerox® 4110 style
1 x 053K91930, 53K91930 Fuser Ozone Filter for Xerox® 4110 style
1 x Toner Refill - refills 113R668 / 106R1294 for Xerox® Phaser 5500 style
1 x 005R00730, Developer - Black (Material Only) for Xerox® 700, 550 & C75, J75 styles
1 x 013R00663, Black Drum Cartridge (New in plain box) for Xerox® Color 550 style
1 x 007N01516, 7N1516, Toner Dispense Gear Kit for Xerox® WC4150 style
1 x Fuser Rebuild Kit (for rebuilding 8R13022, etc) Xerox® WC-7132 style
1 x 006R01657, 6R1657, Magenta Toner Cartridge (New in Plain Box) Xerox® Color C60, C70
1 x 006R01513, 006R01516, etc. Complete Toner Set (OEM) Xerox® 7525, 7855 & 7970
1 x 807E05680, 807E5680, Developer Drive Idler Gear (OEM) for Xerox® C35 version
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13R610, 13R635, 13R639, 13R640, 13R646 or 13R653, Drum Cartridge for Xerox® 4110 sty

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595, 4110EPS or 4590EPS

Note: Please verify model & part number before ordering, we will have to see if we have Genuine Xerox® or if we only have New in a Plain Box available.

Copy Drum Cartridge - 13R610 / 013R00610, 13R635 / 013R000635, 13R639 / 013R00639, 13R640, 013R00640, 13R646, 013R00646 or 13R653, 013R00653

Also, this cartridge has RF (Radio Frequency) chip which is needed to reset the Drum counter to 0. If you need Chip only, see part number 4110CN (13R610) / 4110CNC (13R635) / 4110CND (13R653) / 4112CN (13R640) / 4112CNB (13R646 / 13R639).

Warning: Plus double check re-order number and model number as Xerox® has a different cartridge that ends in 610 which is for a different series.


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Price: $235.00
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