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Important:.. the OEM Part Number Listings are here to help locate parts if you only have the part#...
Items may be Genuine Xerox brand or Compatible parts (or we may offer both choices... read the part descriptions which come up when you click on the links).

1020 style PARTS & SUPPLIES

Follow the appropriate part number link to find out more details.
001P63055 1P63055 TURNAROUND BAFFLE Xerox 1020 Style
002S68123 2S68123 PLATEN COVER ASSEMBLY Xerox® 1020 Style
005R00135 5R135 DEVELOPER(OEM) Xerox® 1020 Style
006R00085 6R85 TONER (OEM) Xerox® 1020 Style
019P61089 19P61089 LOWER PICKER FINGER Xerox® 1020 Style
019P61393 19P61393 UPPER PICKER FINGER Xerox® 1020 Style
022P62221 22P62221 TURNAROUND ROLL Xerox® 1020 Style
022S62198 22S62198 UPPER FUSER ROLLER Xerox® 1020 Style
022S62213 22S62213 SEPARATION PINCH ROLL Xerox® 1020 Style
023S60530 23S60530 SEPARATION BELT Xerox® 1020 Style
033S60181 33S60181 FUSER CLEANING BLADE Xerox® 1020 Style
050S61583 50S61583 PAPER CASSETTE Xerox® 1020 Style
122P60253 122P60253 EXPOSURE LAMP (OEM) Xerox® 1020 Style
122P60259 122P60259 PTL/BLANKING LAMP Xerox® 1020 Style
126S60400 126S60400 FUSER LAMP (OEM) Xerox® 1020 Style
130P60465 130P60465 THERMISTOR Xerox® 1020 Style
130S60513 130S60513 FUSER THERMOFUSE Xerox® 1020 Style
600K03210 600K3210 TRAP KIT Xerox® 1020 Style
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Thank you for your business!

* Xerox and all of their model #'s are Registered Trademarks of Xerox Corporation...
The Parts Drop is not affiliated with Xerox Corporation except for the fact that we love'em!

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