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Important:.. the information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage than good to the copier & also risk your own safety.
If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our Conditions of Use for more information

1020 style
1020 style

1020 style TECH INFO
1020... (not to be confused with the newer XC1020
For information on the XC-1020 model, please refer to theXC810 style

These machines persist! Oldies but goodies I guess...
Here's the basics:

Diagnostic Codes: The copy count window will display LL, when you press the 0 key, you will get the subcode so that:

LL-1 is a fuser problem, probably no heat.
LL-3 also fuser related, may be thermistor.
LL-31 Clock sensor or no main drive.
LL-62 Return scan problem.
LL-64 Scan problem.

Other codes for the 1020 are:
A9= Platen out of position,
E5=Open interlock,
J1=Out of toner
L6 (which we'll probably never see) = Key counter.

Drum availability: We had the hardest time finding Drums for these not too long back... so we solved the problem. Here is the information about how to use a 660 drum to work perfectly good in the 1020 using an Extension Ring: (we sell the drum with the extension for $100.-)...

Refer to the illustration below...

  1. Find the two hash marks on the face of the Timing hub.
  2. Counting clock-wise, about 1/4" past the third Mold pin mark, is a small raised dot (this marks the beginning of the image area).
  3. Install the Timing Hub on the end of the drum with the narrower (1/4") margin. Going clock-wise, install the Timing Hub so that the dot is just past the blank portion of the drum.
  4. Place the Extension Ring on the other end of the drum & bolt it all together. (201)387-7776 U.S.A.
    1020 style
    1020 style
    TECH INFO MENU (201)387-7776 U.S.A.

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Thank you for your business!

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