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Important:.. the information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage than good to the copier & also risk your own safety.
If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our Conditions of Use for more information

5008 style
5008 style
5008 style

XEROX 5008 style T/D Cartridge
Reconditioning Instructions


The Xerox 5008, Sharp Z-50 style cartridges are quick and simple to recondition. These require replacement of the toner and sometimes the developer to complete the procedure. It is one of the least labor intensive but most supply demanding of reconditionable cartridges. The Sharp cartridge and Xerox cartridge are interchangeable with slight alterations which I will cover towards the end of this manual. The 5009 type of cartridge is identical except that the reclaim is shaped differently (it is larger on the bottom)... A 5008 cartridge will fit a 5009 machine but not vice-versa. Potential problems with these cartridges are few due to the fact that there are no photoreceptors to worry about. One mistake which I made early on which you can learn from is that you should never over-fill these cartridges with toner. The reclaim box fills up, the toner backs up and destroys the drum cartridge... not a pretty sight.


Tools which you will need:

  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  • Small Brush
  • Pliers
  • Funnel
  • Shop-Vac Vacuum Cleaner with a toner rated filter
Supply items which you may need:
  • Yellow Dust Cloths
  • 1 bottle of Toner (oz.)
  • 1 bottle of Developer ( oz.)
  • 2 Felt Mag Roll Seals (A & B)
  • Main Developer Seal


1.) Remove the clear reclaim box on the front end of the cartridge. It is secured by two phillips-head screws.

2.) Empty the reclaim box by sliding the clear shutter away from the square hole and shaking the toner into an appropriate disposal container. Vacuum out as much toner as you can. Residue in the box is acceptable from a practical standpoint however if you want to come across as professional, you may want to rinse the reclaim out with water and then allow it time to dry out. Or better yet, after a thorough vacuuming, take it outdoors and use an air-compressor to get that last bit of toner out (wear a dust mask).

3.) Sometimes the developer in a cartridge is still good. With the developer roller facing up, rotate the roller clockwise (looking at the white drive gear on the back end) until it is clear of developer. Touch the roller with your finger, if you can see a mark in residual toner on the roller, you will need to replace the developer. If there is no mark left, or a very faint one, the developer is still doing its job and whether you wish to replace it or not is up to you. To replace the developer, first remove the developer from the roller. This is best done by holding the cartridge over an appropriate disposal container with the white gear on the rear end facing up. Turn the roller clockwise two turns and then counter-clockwise a quarter turn and use your small brush to clear off the roller. Repeat until you are satisfied that the roller is clean. (See illutration #1)
WARNING: Watch out for a sensor located under the plastic to the left of the roller (when the white gear is towards you). The sensor is sensitive to static charges and vacuuming directly over it will blow it.

ILLUSTRATION #1: Cartridge (reclaim not shown)
5008 style Cartridge

4.) Holding the cartridge on a level table with the white drive gear end towards you and the roller presented up and to the right, pour the Developer slowly onto the roller turning it counter-clockwise periodically. Apply evenly from end to end along the roller. Use the entire bottle of developer (180grams).

5.) Extract the larger of the two plastic plugs which were beneath the reclaim using a pair of pliers (be gentle).

6.) Using a funnel, fill the cartridge through the toner-fill-hole with Toner. Do not fill all the way up. Toner level should be at least one full inch from the top. Over filled cartridges will cause the reclaim to overfill and may damage the drum module.

7.) Replace the plastic plug in the toner-fill-hole. Be sure it is secure.

8.) Holding the cartridge level, shake it from end to end gently to even out the developer shot (see illustration 1). If you want to double check that there is enough developer, hold the cartridge on a level surface so that the rear end faces you with the developer roller facing to the right. Turn the roller counter-clockwise until the entire roller is covered with developer, then look for a consistent layer. If there are shallow spots, try shaking from end to end gently again to even out the developer and repeat checking the roller. If you still have low spots, you may need to add more developer. If the roller turns very stiffly, you may have added too much.

9.) With the developer drive roller facing up and to the right (and the white drive gear facing you), turn the roller clockwise until all of the developer clears off the roller. Peel off little felt Mag Roll Seals A & B located at either end of the mag roller), clean under them and replace them. Seal A is the black one and Seal B is the brown one with the extra plastic sticking out from under the felt.

10.) Replace the clear plastic reclaim box and secure it with its two screws.
Tip: Take notice of how the sliding door on the reclaim is snapped together and how the spring is positioned. The day may come when you find one which has popped off its track, you’ll be prepared to snap it back in place.


SECTION III: Trouble-Shooting, Shipping, & Compatability


1.) Uneven density: If the problem is related to the T/D Cartridge, it will most likely be because there is not enough developer on the roller (if you were careful to put the full amount or used one of our Singles Kit Developers, this should not give you trouble).

2.) Light copies (No toner dispensing): If the cartridge produces progressively lighter copies until blank... The sensor mentioned in step 3 may have been blown by a static discharge. If this is the case, the sensor is not readily replaceable and the cartridge should be considered a reject.

3.) Toner Light Comes Back: If you just installed a new T/D Cartridge and the machine calls again for toner... Turn the machine off and then back on again so that it will "Tone up" some more. This happens sometimes with brand new cartridges as well as reconditioned ones... The fresh developer contains relatively little toner and may need a little extra time to tone up.

4.) Machine sits idle running (may be clicking): The machine may simply be looking for toner... sometimes it takes a long time for the Toner Light to come on... see #3 above for more.


If you plan to ship the cartridge, you will need to cover the mag roll with a seal of some sort. The plastic OEM style seal is the best... but I have seen aftermarket cardstock ones which seem to work ok (they dont look very impressive though).
Pack the cartridge such that it won’t be bounced around. Your best bet would be to use the original packing materials if possible. Be sure to clearly mark the box ‘reconditioned’ so as to alleviate any confusion.


To retrofit a Sharp Z-50 or Xerox 5008/5240/60/80 cartridge so that it will fit either a Sharp or a Xerox drum module is a simple task. First locate the ‘pin plate’ located near the front end of the cartridge behind the reclaim box (see illustration #2). Note that there is a second pin plate on the other side of the cartridge, you want the one nearest to the developer roller. If you have a Xerox cartridge, break off the smaller secondary pin. If you have s Sharp cartridge, drill a hole in the proper place to imitate the one found on a Xerox cartridge.

ILLUSTRATION #2: Indexing Pin Plate Comparison
Pin Plates: Sharp vs. Xerox

A Xerox 5009/5309/10 cartridge is the same as a 5008 except that the reclaim is slightly larger on the bottom and as a result, will not fit into a 5008 machine unless you switch reclaims.

If you wish to get a Sharp Drum Module to fit in a Xerox machine, you must expand the existing indexing hole on the face-plate to accommodate the ‘T’ shaped piece on the Xerox front cover (use a dremel or a heat-knife) (see illustration #3 & 4). A Xerox Drum Module will fit readily into a Sharp machine without alteration.

Drum Cartridge Front End Cover / Indexing Hole Comparison
Front Cover of Drum Cartridge Indexing Hole Comparison

To make a Xerox drum module receptive to a sharp T/D Cartridge, remove one pin on the pin plate using a dremel or utility knife.

5008 style
5008 style
5008 style
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