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Important:.. the information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage than good to the copier & also risk your own safety.
If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our Conditions of Use for more information

5018 style
5018 style
5018 style

XEROX Brand 5018 style
Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions

5018 style Copy Cartridge Illustration


Reconditioning the 5018 style Copy Cartridges (also known as Customer Replaceable Units or CRUís) requires only disassembly, a thorough cleaning, and reassembly.
There are several components which may or may not need replacing. In any case the procedure is really quite simple. Iíll give a blow by blow run down of how I approach these cartridges. Any tips or insights are shown in a lighter text.
After the procedure youíll find a compact version for future reference.
The difference between the 5334 cartridges and the ones which fit the other machines is that the counter is absent in the 5334 cartridge and the 5018 style cartridge has an extra 3/4" lip of plastic on the back end. Add a counter to a 5334 cartridge and it will serve as a 5018, remove a counter and cut off the plastic lip from a 5018 cartridge and it will serve as a 5334.
Of course you'll probably want to print this page out and take it to a work bench. Also print out the Illustration page.


Tools youíll need:
  • Tiny Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  • Technician Vacuum Cleaner (with a toner rated filter)
Supplies youíll need:
  • Toner Dust Cloths
  • Corona Cleaning Pen or another tool for cleaning corona wires
  • Drum Starting Powder
  • Masking Tape
  • Packaging
Replacement components which you may need:
  • Replacement Photoreceptor Belt
  • Replacement Cleaning Blade
  • Replacement Recovery Blade
  • Replacement Pre-Strung Transfer Corona Wire


1. Check out the photoreceptor belt for flaws by laying the cartridge down with the belt exposed on top and the handle facing towards you. Rotate so that the belt is traveling away from you.
The OEM PR Belts are rated for a good 80,000 copies. The cartridgeís cycle is 20,000 or 25,000 copies (depending on the model of the machine) so if the belt is not physically damaged during handling, it can be reused. Dents in the beltís surface will show on copies as will any but the most minor of scuffs. (the image area is the central eleven inches so scratches near the edges may not effect copy quality). If in doubt, it pays to keep a test machine handy. When testing, always run at least 3 copies to see all parts of the beltís imaging area.

2. Remove the eight phillips-head screws from along the right and left sides of the photoreceptor belt.

3. Lift the belt drive assembly out of the cartridge. On the underside are three items to be removed (see illustration #1).

5018 Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions, Illustration 1

Tip: I found that if I lift from the drive gear end near the handle, I can stand the assembly up as if it were on hinges so that it rests easily on the back edge of the cartridge shell.
First, a scorotron (metal grid) is suspended across the belt. Release by pressing on the white anchor on the left.
Second, on the right side, remove a foam edged clear plastic shield. taking notice of how it will go back on.
Third youíll find a piece of foam on the right side about half way down. Pull it out.
Place these three items safely to the side. Place the belt drive assembly aside safe from exposure to light and dust.

WARNING: It would be a good idea to wear a dust mask for steps 4 through 7 to avoid inhaling air-borne toner dust.

4. Next youíll separate the cleaning assembly and the corona assembly from the cartridge shell.* This is done by first releasing two clips located under the strap like handle (see illustration #2). Cut any tape along the front seam. Then use the tiny flat-head screwdriver to lift the cleaning assembly from the middle of the rear side. Lift the cleaning assembly out and place it aside. The narrow sponge gasket which lines the reclaim compartment should be kept intact if possible. Next the corona assembly can be lifted out.
Tip: There are a few loose pieces to watch out for which will fall out easily (or get sucked up during vacuuming). These include the two fuzzy pieces located at either end of the cleaning blade (refer to illustration #4), the two corona wire end covers, and the plastic actuator button (see step 5 below). Remove these items. * Note:On older cartidges, the corona & cleaning assemblies came in one piece.

5018 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions Illustration 2

5. From the cartridge shell remove three items. First a long white plastic piece near the front end (handle end) lifts out. Second a long foam sponge piece. Third a plastic actuator button is located near the front right corner. (see illustration #3 below)

5018 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions Illustration 3

6. Empty the toner from the reclaim comartment. Vacuum the cartridge shell thoroughly and follow up with a toner dust cloth. If the toner has fused into clumps, chip it away with your screwdriver. Some residue left in the reclaim is acceptable as long as it is not loose.

7. Next clean the cleaning assembly (refer to Illustration #4) taking care not to damage the recovery blade (you may find it easier to remove the mylar recovery blade and replace it after cleaning). Replace the cleaning blade (two screws) and apply plenty of starting powder.*
*Note: On older cartridges, the blade had no metal assembly. It simply slid into place.

5018 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions Illustration 4

8. There is a long narrow foam strip positioned before the cleaning blade. Remove it and discard it. You will need to tape over the holes under this abrasive strip (use tape on the inside of the reclaim) to avoid having toner leaks.
Note: The purpose of this strip is to limit the life of the photoreceptor belt.

9. Clean the corona assembly. Pay special attention to the corona wire. If the wire is very loose or broken, replace it.

10. Locate the counter on the underside of the corona assembly. Hold the assembly so that the counter is on the right corner nearest you (see illustration #5 below). With your left thumb hold down the white lever which raises the magnet. Then with your right thumb turn the black gear closest to you down (clockwise). Use your thumb such that when the far black gear is freed up, it will turn as well (but do not force it). When the textured square on the far black gear faces directly forward and the white cam under the magnet is held down, the counter is properly reset. Release the magnet lever (the magnet should be face up in the down position).
Tip: Once the counter is reset, jiggle the far black gear to make sure it is fully reset. Sometimes the gear is still 'on the edge' so to speak and can jump back to the unset position with a slight bump (or after a few copies).

5018 style Copy Cartridge reconditioning instructions Illustration 5

11. Replace the white plastic piece, the sponge strip, and the plastic actuator piece as you found them in the cartridge shell.

12. Put the corona assembly and the cleaning assembly (with the foam gasket) back in place. The two clips under the strap like handle can be re-secured. The two should sit rather flat... they should not appear buckled in between. Replace the two fuzzy pieces and the two corona end covers.

13. Now take the belt drive assembly and stand it on the end which housed the foam edged clear plastic shield. Note that the belt has a small square hole at one point along the bottom edge. Near the center of both the current top and bottom edges find a clip (refer to illustration #6 below). Release each clip so that the drive assembly will fold in half. Lift the photoreceptor belt off of the drive assembly very carefully. If the belt snags or gets hung-up it may kink or dent the photoreceptive surface. Place the belt aside, away from bright light.

5018 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructions, Illustration 6.

14. Pull apart the two halves of the belt-drive assembly and clean them thoroughly. Note that the rollers can fall out of place.
Tip: If you intend to re-use the old P.R. Belt you may want to wipe the inside of the belt with a dust cloth. Too much toner inside here can cause the belt to slip on its rollers (Results in a U7-1 code).

15. Re-attach the two halves of the belt-drive assembly and stand the folded assembly on its more stable end with the drive gear up (so that it stands straight). Slip the photoreceptor (used or replacement) over the assembly so that the square window is positioned on the bottom. Straighten the two halves such that the belt is centered on the rollers until both top and bottom clips can be clicked into place. Rotate the belt drive, being certain that the belt turns freely without rubbing along either edge.
Tip: If you are using a new Photoreceptor Belt, apply a good coat of waste toner on it... the Service Manual recommends using waste toner and advises against using Kynar. Make aure that the waste toner which you use is soft powder... fused toner clumps or loose developer grit can harm the belt.

16. Replace the clear plastic piece with the spongy trim, the foam piece, and the scorotron as you found them on the belt drive assembly.

17. Lay the belt drive assembly into place (scorotron side down). Without tightening the 8 screws, turn the drive so that the belt travels away from you (with the handle facing you). If the belt does not move smoothly do not force it, try more starting powder (waste toner) on the blade and belt. It can be frustrating so be patient.

18. Once the belt turns successfully one full revolution, you can tighten the 8 screws and then turn the belt another 2-3 cycles to make sure it is properly started.

Youíre Done !



  1. Check the photoreceptor.
  2. Remove eight screws.
  3. Lift the belt drive assembly off of the cartridge.
  4. Remove three pieces from the belt drive assembly.
  5. Remove the cleaning and corona assemblies from the Cartridge Shell.
  6. Remove the corona end covers and two fuzzy pieces.
  7. Remove three pieces from the cartridge shell.
  8. Empty the reclaim toner and clean the cartridge shell.
  9. Clean the corona and cleaning assemblies and replace the cleaning blade.
  10. Remove the abrasive foam strip and tape up the holes under it.
  11. Reset the counter
  12. Put the three pieces back in place in the cartridge shell.
  13. Put the corona and cleaning assemblies back in place.
  14. Put the corona end covers and fuzzy pieces back in place.
  15. Remove the photoreceptor belt from its assembly.
  16. Clean the belt drive assembly.
  17. Replace the photoreceptor belt and reassemble the belt drive assembly.
  18. Use starter powder on belt and blades.
  19. Put the three pieces back on the belt drive assembly.
  20. Lay the belt drive assembly back in place.
  21. Replace the eight screws. (201)387-7776 U.S.A.
5018 style
5018 style
5018 style
MENU (201)387-7776 U.S.A.

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