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Important:.. the information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage than good to the copier & also risk your own safety.
If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our Conditions of Use for more information

5340 style
53040 style

5340 style TECH INFO
5340 style Copier illustration

These model #’s are trademarks of Xerox Corporation.
All of this information plus far more detailed procedures and parts lists
can be found in their Service Manual. This is available for sale on their website at

GENERAL NOTE: These models have an absurd amount of logic to them… if you plan on servicing this type (especially if you are contemplating putting one on a service contract), we highly recommend you first invest in the Service Manual. These can be purchased from Xerox on-line at or you can call them up to inquire about ordering.

Status Codes:
This is an extremely abbreviated listing. Read note above.
00- Codes Software problems
01- Codes Power related problems
02- Codes Key Counter / Accessory problems
03- Codes Communication Errors
04-300 Code Main Motor Failure
05- Codes Document Feeder Problems
06- Codes Optics or Exposure Problems
07- Codes Paper Supply, HCF (High Capacity Feeder) & Interlock Problems
08- Codes Paper Feed & Registration Problems
09-300 Code Copy Cartridge End of Life
09-310 Code Toner Cartridge (Black) Empty
09-320 Code Low Color Toner
09-330 Code Improper Copy Cartridge (fuse failed to blow)
09-340 Code Copy Cartridge not present (or connector interlock failure)
09-350 Code Waste Toner Reservoir Full (Need to install a new Copy Cartidge or recondition the Copy Cartridge w/ new connector)
other 09 Codes Other Xerographic problems (Bias, Toner Dispense, etc, etc.)
10- Codes Fuser Codes
10-320 Code Fuser Web Count Expired (need a new web & reset count from diagnostics , our webs come with an information sheet)
11- Codes Sorter / Finisher Problems

ENTERING DIAGNOSTICS: (This can be an adventure in itself) To enter diagnostics in the ‘Un-initialized state’ (necessary if a status code is currently displayed): Hold ‘Job Interrupt’ button & ‘5’ while turning on the power. Then enter a 4 digit “Access Code” (default code = 8765). You will not see the code displayed as you enter it. If the default code does not work, and you can’t find the new code written in the machine’s log book (some techs write it on the inside cover of one of the Owner’s Manuals), you’ll have to use the back door. Find out the current ‘Total copy count’ (Press the ‘Review’ Button on the console, then press ‘Billing Meters’ on the touchscreen to show the copy counts). Use the last 4 digits of the total copy count backwards as the “Access Code”. If the machine is currently in a status code, you will need to press ‘Stop’ twice to clear the status code screen & bring up the diagnostic screen. NOTE: In these machines, when in diagnostic mode, Always record very carefully every change you make… very easy to screw things up in there. (201)387-7776 U.S.A.
5340 style
5340 style

The Parts Drop is a family owned business. Our home is at 26 Palisade Avenue in Bergenfield, NJ 07621.
Thank you for your business!

* Xerox and all of their model #'s are Registered Trademarks of Xerox Corporation...
The Parts Drop is not affiliated with Xerox Corporation except for the fact that we love'em!

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