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Important:.. the information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage than good to the copier & also risk your own safety.
If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our Conditions of Use for more information

DC212 style
DC212 style

DC-212 style TECH INFO
Document Centre (DC) 212, 214
DC212 style Copier

These model #’s are trademarks of Xerox Corporation.
All of this information plus far more detailed procedures and parts lists
can be found in their Service Manual. This is available for sale on their website at

These models as well as many other makes and models are covered in Intravia’s Guides: 9th Edition.


A1 Misfeed from the SDF Input Tray
A2 Misfeed from the Constant Velocity Transport
C1  Tray 1 misfeed or Out of paper
C2  Tray 2 misfeed or Out of paper
C3  Bypass Tray misfeed or Out of paper
E1 Paper Jam between Registration Sensor & Exit Sensor
E3  Paper Jam at exit
E5  Door Transport Interlock is open
J1  500 copies before end of Copy Cartridge Life
J3 Copy Cartridge missing or not seated
J7 Copy Cartridge count expired (replace the cartridge or recondition it)
J8 Incorrect Copy Cartridge (read about Checking Cartridge Types note below.)
L6  Foreign Interface Device problem
U1 Main Drive problem
U2 Scan Home problem
U3 ROS (Raster Output Scanner, which writes to the drum) failed self test
U4  Fuser overheat or failure to warm up
U5 Fuser under temperature
U7  Control console problem
U8 Main Board problem
U9 High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) problem


To enter diagnostics
Hold down ‘0’ while turning on the Power the console will light up. Press ‘Stop/Clear’, the lights will shut off & --- will appear in the display Wait 30 seconds for the optics to complete a self-test before you enter any diagnostic test codes. Never turn off the power before the optics stop moving (or you’ll get a U2 code & possibly some unpleasant noises from the Scan Drive Motor).

To enter a code:
After the optics complete a self test, enter the 3 digit code for the test you wish to run followed by ‘Print’.

To exit diagnostics:
Turn the power off.

*To clear a fuser code:(401)
Enter diagnostics, wait 30 seconds for the optics to initialize, enter ‘401’ followed by ‘Print’, then shut down the power & wait 10 seconds before switching power back on.

Checking Copy Cartridge Life Remaining (in %):
Press & hold the ‘Stop/Clear’ button, then press the ‘2’ button release both buttons together. The % of life remaining for the copy cartridge will be displayed.

Checking the Copy Cartridge ‘Type’: (202)
There are several Copy Cartridge ‘Types’ available & each machine is programmed to accept only one of those types. There are 2 types here in the US & several other types sold abroad.

This procedure is to check the cartridge ‘Type’ which the machine is set up to accept & also to compare the ‘Type’ of the cartridge currently installed in the machine. Enter diagnostics as explained above. Enter ‘202’ followed by ‘Print’. The machine’s ‘Type’ will be displayed. If the machine had called a J8 code, it will flash two 3 digit #’s in sequence. The 1st 3 digit # displayed represents the cartridge ‘type’ which the machine is expecting the 2nd 3 digit # represents the ‘type’ of the cartridge currently installed in the machine. If the 1st 3 digit # shows as ‘001’, the machine needs a US market cartridge reorder #113R180 or 113R181 will do (113R180 is the Environmental Partnership version which may be reconditioned by Xerox). If the display shows ‘005’ as the 1st 3 digits, then the machine is expecting a cartridge sold through the Channel Group (Retail Outlet Stores) reorder # for these would be 113R287.

Changing the Cartridge ‘Type’ which the machine will accept: (406)
This procedure serves to set the machine up to accept the cartridge ‘Type’ which you wish to use... First, with the power off, remove the Copy Cartridge, close the Door Transport. Enter diagnostics as explained above. Enter code ‘406’ followed by ‘Print’. Turn off the power and install the intended Copy Cartridge. Turn on the machine, it will now expect the ‘type’ of cartridge which you have offered it.

Checking the Fault History:
Enter diagnostics & select ‘300’ followed by ‘Print’ to display the most recent status code. Use code ‘301’ for the 2nd most recent, ‘302’ for the 3rd (‘303’/’304’/’305’ for 4th, 5th, & 6th).

Checking the Copy Count
Press and hold the ‘Stop/Clear’ button & press the ‘7’, then release the 2 buttons together. The copy count will be displayed 3 digits at a time (‘003’ followed by ‘534’ would indicate 3,534 copies).

Checking the Print Count (220 & 221)
Enter diagnostics, then enter code ‘220’ followed by ‘Print’… the first 3 digits of a 6 digit count will be displayed (xxx___)… then hit ‘Stop/Clear’ and enter the code ‘221’ followed by ‘Print’… the second 3 digits will be displayed (___xxx).

Testing sensors & switches (Input Component Codes):
Enter diagnostics as explained above. Then enter the code desired followed by ‘Print’… then actuate & de-actuate the switch or sensor & watch the display to see if it changes.

Code Components
2 Console Switches (pressing & releasing any console switch increases the numeric display by 2)
3 Registration Switch Exit Switch Document Present Sensor Document Registration Sensor

Testing Clutches, Solenoids & Motors (Output Component Codes):
Enter diagnostics, then enter the code you want & press ‘Start’ to activate the component you want to see in action.

Code Component
21 Control Console Lamps
41 Main Drive Motor
42  Cooling Fan
55 SDF (Set Document Feeder) Drive Motor
56 SDF Feed Solenoid
57 SDF Feed Clutch
63 Scan Drive Motor **CAUTION: Never interrupt this test or else optics noise, a U2 code or a constantly on exposure lamp may result
65 Exposure Lamp
66 ROS motor (Raster Output Scanner… known by most as the laser) 
 67 Sample print test pattern (will make you 5 prints produced by the Main Board)
68 Sample Print (produced by the Printer Board)
71 Tray 1 Feed Solenoid
72 Tray 2 Feed Solenoid
73 Bypass Feed Solenoid
83 Registration Clutch
91 HVPS & Main Drive Motor & Tray 1 Feed Solenoid


Changing NVM Settings: (Non Volatile Memory (NVM) Settings)
Use these entry codes to read & alter settings for machine performance. To change a setting... enter the diagnostic code you want, press ‘Print’ (the current setting will be displayed flashing)… enter a new value & press ‘Print’ to lock in your new setting.

Code Setting Description Range Default Details
402 Lead Edge Registratin 0 to 40 20 1 step = approx. 0.5mm
to move the image away from the lead edge, increase the value.
403 Front to Rear Registration 0 to 40 20 1 step = approx. 0.5mm
to move the image away from the left side, increase the value.
404 Fuser Temperature 1,2, or 3 2 1 = 366°F (186°Celsius) 
2 = 376°F (191°Celsius) 
3 = 386°F (197°Celsius)
405 Foreign Interface Enable 0 or 1 0 0  = Disabled
1 = Enabled
408 Power Saver Override 0 or 1 1 0 = Disables customer’s power saver feature
1 = Enables customer’s power saver feature

Checking the Printer total RAM memory:
Press & hold ‘Stop/Clear’, then press ‘0’ & release together… the number displayed tells how many Meg of RAM the machine is equipped with.

Checking the machine’s Hardware Configuration:
Press & hold ‘Stop/Clear’, then press ‘6’ & release together, find the code shown in the list below:

Code Machine Configuration
100 Model 212: 12 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (250 sheet)
101 101Model 212: 12 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (250 sheet) & SDF
200 Model 214: 14 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet)
201 201Model 214: 14 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet) & SDF
210 Model 214: 14 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet) & Tray 2 (250)
211 Model 214: 14 cpm copier w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet), Tray 2 (250) & SDF
300 Model 212: 12 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (250 sheet)
301 Model 212: 12 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (250 sheet) & SDF
400 Model 214: 14 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet)
401 Model 214: 14 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet) & SDF
410 Model 214: 14 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet)& Tray 2(250)
411 214: 14 cpm copier/printer w/ Tray 1 (500 sheet), Tray 2 (250) & SDF


To view & change the customer programmable settings, press & hold the ‘Paper Tray Select’ button for about 4 seconds till the LED’s flash & ‘---‘ is shown in the display. Enter the code for the feature you want to change… then press ‘Print’, the current value will be displayed. Enter the new setting & press ‘Print’ to lock in your selection. Press ‘Paper Tray Select’ again to exit the Program Mode. Default settings are shown in Bold text in the descriptions shown below.

To select the Priority Paper Tray: Use Code ‘10’.
The options are: 1 = Tray 1, 2 = Tray 2, 3 = Bypass Tray

“Auto Clear” (Use Code ‘11’)
To choose the Time the machine waits before “Auto Clear” (return to default settings):
0 = off, 1 = 20 seconds, 2 = 30 seconds, 3 = 60 seconds, 4 = 90 seconds.

“Power Off Mode” (Use Code ‘12’)
To choose the Time the machine waits before “Power Off Mode”
0 = off, 1 = 5 minutes, 2 = 20 min., 3 = 60 min., 4 = 120 min., 5 = 240 min.

“Power Saver Mode” (Use Code ‘13’)
To choose the Time the machine waits before going into “Power Saver Mode”
0 = off, 1 = 2 minutes, 5 = 5 min., 10 = 10 min.

“Reduction / Enlargement Preset Button” (Use Code ‘14’)
To choose the % value of the “Preset button”… Range is from 50 to 200 %.

Copy Quality (Use Code ‘15’)
Allows choice of copy quality as follows:
1 = “Text Mode” 2 = “Mixed Mode” 3 = “Photo Mode”

“SDF Auto Start” (Use Code ‘16’)
Enables / disables the feature which makes the copy process start automatically when a sheet is fed into the Document Feeder. 0 = Enabled. 1 = Disabled

Available Configurations:  
212 : R/E w/ 250 sheet Main Tray

214 : R/E w/ 500 sheet Main Tray … options include SDF, extra 250 sheet tray, & stand

DC212 style
DC212 style
MENU (201)387-7776 U.S.A.

The Parts Drop is a family owned business. Our home is at 26 Palisade Avenue in Bergenfield, NJ 07621.
Thank you for your business!

* Xerox and all of their model #'s are Registered Trademarks of Xerox Corporation...
The Parts Drop is not affiliated with Xerox Corporation except for the fact that we love'em!

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