T/D Cartridge Refill Instructions
XD100 Technical Information

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Copy Cartridge

XD-100 style
(XD100/102/103/104/105, X120/122, ,XD155 )

All model #'s are trademarks of Xerox® Corporation



The drum cartridge is the same for all of the XD100 style machines. These use a similar idea for resetting the drum count as the XC810 style before them. On the front of a new cartridge (behind the green front end cap) is a drum count ‘reset mechanism’, an actuator which swings down during initialization and trips a switch in the machine to reset the drum count. One warning... the first cartridge which the customer gets with the purchase of a new machine is a "starter" cartridge and is not equipped with the drum count reset mechanism. Fortunately, the drum count can also be reset from diagnostics as explained later in the procedure. The cartridge will run 12,000 copies before the machine calls for a new one (with a 1000 copy warning light).



1. First check the drum for flaws (turns clockwise if you’re looking at the rear end)... If the drum is still in good shape, you may choose to polish it & use it for a second cycle.

2. Remove the front end cap (green) by releasing the anchors (take note of how the gears are positioned as they easily fall out of place). Turn the front drum hub 1/4 turn clockwise and then extract it. The drum can then be lifted out of its cradle. This drum is light sensitive so store it in a dark place.

3. The Charge Corotron can be removed by taking out the 2 screws which mount it to the drum blade. Then lift up on the front end & pull it out of the rear.

4. The Cleaning Blade comes out with 2 more screws. Inspect the blade for imperfections and deterioration. Use drum starting powder on the blade.

5. Vacuum & clean everything thoroughly. Be careful not to damage the scorotron grid and the thin mylar recovery blade. Slide back the shutter on the top of the auger tube & vacuum any excess toner out.

6. Drum Count Reset: If you remove the front end cap (green), you will see the reset mechanism only if the cartridge is not a ‘starter’ cartridge. You should be able to reposition the mechanism so that it will trip the reset switch when the machine cycles up. We have yet to see a non-starter cartridge so details are yet to come . The slot in the green front end cap through which the mechanism swings is easy to see as is the switch in the front of the machine underneath where the drum cartridge sits.
NOTE: If the cartridge you are working on is a ‘Starter’ Cartridge (the one the customer gets with the purchase of the machine)... it will be missing the Reset Mechanism. In this case, you can reset the Drum Count from Diagnostics as follows: (24-7)
A) Enter Diagnostics... this is done by turning on the machine and then, within 4 seconds, press ‘Clear’, Exposure Mode’, ‘Clear’, ‘Exposure Mode’ (Exposure Mode is the button on the far left). All of the display will go blank.
B) Select ‘24’ using the copy quantity buttons, then press ‘Print’, then select ‘7’ and press print again. This will reset the drum count to ‘0’.

7.) Reassemble the cartridge. Install the blade, & the corotron. Apply Drum Starting Powder to the drum. Re-install the Drum & Front Drum Hub. Turn the drum (clockwise looking at the rear end) to make sure it turns ok and that the cleaning blade is working properly. Make sure the auger drive gears are in place & reinstall the green front end cap with the reset mechanism (if one is present).



Turn on the machine and then, within 4 seconds, press ‘Clear’, ‘Exposure Mode’, ‘Clear’, ‘Exposure Mode’ (the ‘Exposure Mode’ button is the one on the far left). All of the display will go blank.

Enter diagnostic mode as explained above. Select ‘24’ using the copy quantity buttons, and press ‘Print’, then select ‘7’ and press ‘Print’ again. This resets the drum count to ‘0’. Turn off power to exit diagnostics.

To see how many copies a cartridge has run... enter diagnostics and select ‘22’ using the copy quantity buttons, then press ‘Print’, then select ‘12’ and press ‘Print’ again. The copy count will flash in 2 digits at a time (Ex: ‘00’ followed by ‘05’ followed by ‘67’ would mean 567 copies).

Press ‘Clear’ to exit diagnostics.

It is possible to set up a machine so that it will never call for a new cartridge. This option should only be used if your customer understands that the only way to know that it is time to change the cartridge will be as the copy quality degrades (as the drum or blade begin to fail). To disable the End of Life function, Enter diagnostics and press ‘27’ followed by ‘Print’. The current setting will be displayed (‘0’= "End of Life Disabled", ‘1’ = "End of Life Enabled"). The manual is un-clear beyond this, but it would make sense to try changing the setting with the copy quantity button. You will probably need to press ‘Print’ to lock in the new value. Turn off machine to exit diagnostics.

T/D Cartridge Refill Instructions
XD100 Technical Information

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