XD100 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructional
XD100 Tech Info

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Copy Cartridge

XD-100 style
(XD100/102/103/104/105, X120/122, XD155, Pro16p/16fx, Pro215,


All model #'s are trademarks of Xerox® Corporation

XD100 toner cartridge


The procedure for refilling the XD100 style cartridge is very similar to the previous models (the XC810 style & 5008 style) although the Toner & Developer are definately different material than the predecessors. These cartridges also pack a bit more material than the earlier models (220 grams of toner & 190 grams of Developer) and are expected to run 6000 copies at 5% coverage. The OEM Reorder # for these is 6R914. The Sharp AL 1000 series cartridges can be refilled with the same material & the procedure is the same as well. The newer models Pro16p, Pro16fx (reorder # 6R972) & Pro 215's (reorder#'s 6R988 & 6R987) require also a Connector be replaced to clear the toner code. The XL-2120/2130/2140/2150 cartridges (reorder# 106R482)are not interchangeable with the XD's but the same refill supplies will serve.

Tools you’ll need:

Supplies you may need:

Replacement components which you may need:


1. Remove the clear reclaim box on the front end of the cartridge (2 screws).

2. Empty the reclaim box by sliding the clear shutter away from the square hole and shaking the toner into an appropriate disposal container. Vacuum out as much toner as you can. Residue in the box is acceptable from a practical standpoint however you can rinse the reclaim out with water and then allow it time to dry out. Or better yet, after a thorough vacuuming, take it outdoors and use an air-compressor to get that last bit of toner out (wear a dust mask).

3. Check the developer to decide whether or not it needs replacing. If the developer does not need replacing, you can skip down to step #6. Sometimes the developer in a cartridge is still good (usually developer will last at least two full cycles without trouble). A good test is to turn the mag roller so that it is clear of developer. Touch the roller, if you can see a mark in residual toner on the roller, you’ll need to replace the developer. If there is no mark left, or a very faint one, the developer is still doing its job and whether you wish to replace it or not is up to you.

4. To replace the developer, first remove the developer from the roller. This is best done by holding the cartridge over a disposal container with the white gear on the rear end facing up. Turn the roller clockwise two turns and then counter-clockwise a quarter turn and use your small brush to clear off the roller. Repeat until you are satisfied that the roller is clean.
NOTE: Vacuuming this type of cartridge is not a good idea. There is a toner sensor located under the plastic to the left of the roller which is sensitive to static charges (vacuuming can blow the sensor). Forced air can cause the same problem.

5. Apply the new developer directly to the mag roller. Holding the cartridge on a level table with the gear end towards you and the roller presented up , pour the Developer slowly onto the roller turning it counter-clockwise periodically. Apply evenly from end to end along the roller. Use the entire bottle of developer.

6. Remove the plate from behind where the Reclaim box was (1 screw and release a clip). Extract the largest plastic plug which was behind the reclaim using a pair of pliers (be gentle, it is easy to damage the lip of the fill-hole).

7. Using a funnel, fill the cartridge through the toner-fill-hole with Toner.

8. Replace the plastic plug in the toner-fill-hole. Be sure it’s not leaking.

9. Holding the cartridge level, shake it from end to end gently to even out the developer shot. You can check that the proper amount of developer is present by holding the cartridge level the way it would sit in the machine & turning the mag-roller (counter-clockwise when looking at the geared end). The developer should form a nice even ‘brush’ on the roller.

10. Clean the cartridge with a toner dust cloth. Also brush off the felt seals located at either end of the mag-roller. If you still have the original mag-roll seal (the long plastic piece which covers the mag-roll during transport), snap it in place to help prevent developer from shaking loose from the mag-roll during transportation.

11. Replace the clear plastic reclaim box and secure it with its two screws.


(for quick reference later on)

1. Remove the Reclaim Box (2 screws).

2. Empty the reclaim.

3. Replace the Developer if needed... Brush off the old developer. Pour the new developer directly onto the mag-roller.

4. Remove the front plate to access the fill holes and remove the Largest Plug from the Toner-fill-hole. Fill the cartridge with toner & re-plug the fill hole.

5. Clean the cartridge with a cloth & brush off the mag-roll’s end seals.

6. Shake the cartridge gently end-to-end to even out the developer shot & check the developer on the mag-roll.

7. Re-install the Reclaim Box.

www.partsdrop.com (201)387-7776 U.S.A.
XD100 style Copy Cartridge Reconditioning Instructional
XD100 Tech Info

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