Back Up Roll (BUR) Housing Assembly (OEM 848K50282, 848K50280 or 802K84673) Xerox® DC250 style

Valid Part Numbers: 802K50282, 802K50280, 802K84674, 802K84673, 802K84672

For Xerox® models: (DocuColor) DC-240, 242, 250, 252, 260 (WorkCentre) WC-7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775 & Xerox® Color 550, 560, 570, C60, C70, DCP700, 700i, 770, J75, C75

 Back-Up Roll Housing Assembly, with Home sensor, Backup & Contact Rolls - Genuine Xerox Brand® 84850282, 848K50280, 802K84674, 802K84673 and 802K84672


This assembly includes: an important black plastic frame piece found near the bottom of the rear of the IBT module. This black plastic frame piece has two holes into which the 2nd BTR indexing pins seat, to hold the two modules in the proper relationship to one another.  Sometimes if the big drawer with the 2nd BTR assembly gets slammed closed too hard, this black plastic part gets damaged.  See photo #2 & 3 for details.
The Assembly includes the Backup Roll (059K33740 / 059K71530), also the Contact Roll (059E99540), and the Idler Roll (059K32510), as well as the IBT Transfer Belt Home Sensor (130E84270).