Drum Rebuild Kit (For Rebuilding US Metered Plan 113R608) Xerox® C35/45/55, M35/45/55, Pro35/55, DC535-555, WC-232/238, WC-5030/5638, WC5735

For Rebuilding: 113R608, 113R00608

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 35, 45, 55, 232, 238, C35, C45, C55, (DocumentCentre) 535, 545, 555, (WorkCentre) M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55, 232, 238, Pro232, Pro238 & (WorkCentre) 5030, 5050, 5135, 5632, 5638, 5735

 Drum Rebuild Kit (Drum, Blade, & CRUM chip for *Metered Plan: 113R608)



This version of the drum cartridge rebuild kit will only work in machines which are still set for Type B (METERED) plan. If the 113R610 cartridge is ever installed in a Type B plan machine, the machine will reject this 113R608 version of the cartridge from then on.

We also have the 'SOLD' 113R610 version, so if you are not sure which plan your machine is on, get the 113R610 version, our part number is C35CRK. That kind will work in any US machine.


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