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7525-7556 Memory Backup Battery information

7556 Family - Memory Backup Battery Information

Technical Specifications

Xerox® 7556 Family - Information about the NVM / Mme
for WorkCentre® 7525, 7530, 7535, 7545, 7556


NVM Backup Battery Information... for WC-7525-7556

Check the Battery:
        The NVM (Non Volatile Memory) Backup Battery is on the memory sub-board in the ESS (print controller area) of the machine.  There are 4 pins under the battery... 2 are the battery voltage and the other 2 are a clock circuit.  Look for a small dot in one of the corners on top of the battery.  the two pins under the opposite end of the battery are the two to measure across.  It stands up high enough that you can access the pins with a meter's probes.  There is a small dot like impression on one of the top corners of the battery... The two pins under the end of the battery opposite the dot are the ones to measure between.  You should read over 2.8 volts if the battery is good. 

7525MBB - Schematic Diagram


Replace the Battery (7525MBB) if needed:
 The battery is a snap-on type of battery.  You will want to slip a small flathead screwdriver blade under the battery and lift straight up till two contact  points come up, then go to the other side and do the same.  If you try to “Pry” the battery up it will likely break the piece underneath which the battery snaps onto.

Below is a diagram of the Memory Backup Battery.  To test the battery, measure across the two legs on the opposite end of the battery from where the dot is found.  You should read between 2.8 and 3.0 Volts if the battery is good.


Note that the firmware is MODEL specific. 

1.  Choose a time when you can start the procedure and go have lunch or a long coffee break or something... you should allow for the machine to take as long as a full hour. 

2.  Turn the Copier off and disconnect the Network Cable & Phone lines at the rear right of the machine. 

3. Insert the Flashdrive in the USB port on the front of the machine.  It is located on toward the left side of the control panel... if the USB port is covered, remove the cover and you'll see the port. 

4.  Turn on the copier and follow all instructions whic hcome up on screen.  It is normal for the machine to reboot itself a few times during the process. 

5.  When it's done you can plug in the network cable and any phone lines again.


"Non Customer Mode"
Sometimes during the process of recovering from a memory or firmware issue, the machine says that it's in "non customer mode" and the Setup Wizard does not start at reboot.

Here's how to get it to wake up if this happens:

The technician should enter service mode and go into NVM Read / Write.  Enter the code: 616-014 and read the value.  Input a new value of "2".  Then exit diagnostics (call closeout).  When the machine reboots, it will come up with the Setup Wizard.  Follow the instructions on the control panel to set it up.

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