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5945 style Toner Cartridge Problems - Troubleshooting

5945 style Toner Cartridge Problems - Troubleshooting

Technical Specifications




First check to see which Fault Code is actually being called in the background.  You can get to the Fault History by pressing “Machine Status” and then touching the “Faults” tab.

  • 393-390  -  Toner Cartridge Empty
  • 393-399  -  Incompatible Toner Cartridge
  • 393-401  -  Toner Cartridge Missing
  • 393-974 / 393-987  -  Unknown Toner Cartridge


If the fault is “Incompatible Toner”: you will want to check which OEM part number the machine is looking for… press the “Machine Status” button. Then look for the “Supplies” tab.  Touch “All Supplies”, choose the Toner Cartridge line and a screen will open with some details including the reorder number / OEM part#.
There are two versions in the U.S. and a third plan for overseas:

-       U.S. “Sold Plan” version:  006R01605
-       “Metered Plan” version:  006R01604 
-       DMO (overseas) “Sold Plan” version: 006R01606
The difference is the CRUM chip (Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor) which is adhered in a shallow alcove on the side of the cartridge.  The OEM CRUM looks like a sticker.


Other CRUM chip reading faults:  The other fault codes mentioned above can result from problems with the machine’s ability to read the Toner CRUM chip… On this cartridge, the chip is an RF (Radio Frequency) chip.  It is fixed on the side of the cartridge.  The cartridge is rotating during toner dispensing.  Each time it passes by the CRUM reader (which is stationary in the machine to the right of where the cartridge slides in), the reader reads and writes to the CRUM with short-wave radio waves.  It is a bit of a flaky idea and not terribly reliable to have it talking to a moving target.  If a new CRUM chip is not perfectly positioned, the machine can have trouble talking to it.  

In rare cases, the CRUM reader can pickup an electromagnetic field (static) in which case it has an increasingly difficult time talking to the CRUM chip.  I have heard that if you power down and unplug the machine and wait 5 minutes, and then unplug the connector for that CRUM Reader where it plugs into the MCU (Main Board), it will discharge


Toner Concentration (TC) Sensor Faults:
393-360 or 393-364 -  Toner Concentration out of range
393-361  -  Toner Concentration Sensor reading High
393-362  -  Toner Concentration Sensor reading Low


Check the Toner Cartridge first and also the Drum Cartridge (the drum ctg has the developer station as its lower half).  Check out the Toner Dispense assembly, and its drive.  Once you solve the dispensing problem, you will need to reset the fault code from Diagnostics - NVM Read / Write by changing NVM (memory) setting 501-359 (System Lockout Fault) back to the default value of “0”. 



Information Reference
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