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Fuser Heat Belt Oil, Versant® V80, V2100 Press

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  • For use in Xerox brand: V80, V180, V2100, V3100 Heat Belt Modules

    Fuser Heat Belt Oil (25ml Bottle, with Cleaning / Applicator Cloth & Index Card) 


    NOTE we recommend you Always use this special type of oil anytime you install one of the Heat Belt Slip Sheets (V80FHBSS). 

    ALSO make sure you soak the two Oil Wicks inside the Heat Belt Unit so they can provide long term lubrication to the inside of the Heat Belt.

    This Oil is also excellent for cleaning the Drive and Steering / Tension Rollers inside the Belt Unit.  The Index Card included with this oil is helpful in slipping the Heat Belt back on over the end of the Slip Sheet when you're reassembling the unit (it is easily dog-eared if you don't watch it).


    This product is also perfect for lubricating the Slip Sheets for the WC-7556 family fusers (7525FHBSS)