Fuser Heat Belt Unit Rebuild Kit - ***Made in EU*** for Xerox® Versant® V80, V2100 Press

For Rebulding: 126K34855, 126K34854, 126K34853, 126K39440, 126K34856, 126K34859, 001R00620 (1R620), 544P25333, 622S02023, 622S2023

For use in Xerox® brand: V80, V180, V280, V2100, V3100, v4100 Heat Belt Modules

Fuser Heat Belt Unit Rebuild Kit ***MADE IN EU*** (For repairing  126K34855 / 126K34854 / 126K34853 / 126K39440 / 001R00620)
(Includes: Heat Belt, Slip Sheet, 25ml bottle of Heat Belt Oil, Applicator/Cleaning Cloth, & Index Card)


We are temporarily OUT OF STOCK on our usual "Made in EU" version.  We were told that it will be a long wait, so we brought in a new "Made in Japan" version (see Related Parts:  V80FHBK-J). These are reputed to be equal in quality to the EU heat belts.  We would like to hear back from folks regarding final yield after they finish their cycle.


For rebuilding the Heat Belt Unit if the belt gets damaged... usually due to the Slip sheet inside the belt failing.

Related fault codes include: 099-395 (Fusing Unit P/R Motor Current Warning or Pressure Roller Motor Over Current), which is closely related to the fault 010-613. 


Read our Heat Belt Unit Rebuild procedure.