Fuser Heat Belt Unit Rebuild Kit - for Xerox® Versant® V80, V2100 Press

For Rebulding: 126K34855, 126K34854, 126K34853, 001R00620 (1R620)

For use in Xerox® brand: V80, V180, V2100, V3100 Heat Belt Modules

Fuser Heat Belt Unit Rebuild Kit  (For repairing 126K34855 / 126K34854 / 126K34853 / 001R00620)
(Includes: Heat Belt, Slip Sheet, 25ml bottle of Heat Belt Oil, Applicator/Cleaning Cloth, & Index Card)


For rebuilding the Heat Belt Unit if the belt gets damaged... usually due to the Slip sheet inside the belt failing.

Related fault codes include: 099-395 (Fusing Unit P/R Motor Current Warning or Pressure Roller Motor Over Current), which is closely related to the fault 010-613. 


Read our Heat Belt Unit Rebuild procedure.