Fuser Lamp (Main 1 OEM, 126K31030, 126K18201) for Xerox® 4110, 4590, 4595, (Also X2 in: D110, D125, D136)

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 126K31030, 126K18201

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4590, 4595, D110, D125, D136

Fuser Lamp, Main 1 - 126K31030 or 126K18201 Genuine Xerox® Brand


For 4110 / 4590 / 4595, this lamp appears once as "Main 1".  For D110, D125, D136, this same lamp appears twice.  Once as "Main 1" and again as "Main 2"

Note: Red Connector at rear, Blue at front)

Warning: There are two main lamps, and one sub lamp for these models. Also pay attention to the models listed in the descriptions so you get the right lamps for your particular machine. There are more than one version of this heat lamp if you're working on one of the other models, it may be different.