Developer Drive Idler Gear (Part of 604K24930) for Xerox® C165 version

: 604K24930

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 165, 175, 265, 275, C165, C175, (WorkCentre) 165, 175, 265, 275, M165, M175, Pro165, Pro175, Pro265, Pro275 & (WorkCentre) 5665, 5675, 5687, 5765, 5775, 5790

Developer Drive Idler Gear / Pulley

The OEM kit 604K24930 includes one of these gears and also the gear from the DV Unit Mag Roller (we have that gear too, see our part number 165DMG, but it is only spared as part of the kit 604K24930 or as part of the entire Main Drives Assembly.)

Note: The 32-38ppm models use this white version. Note that the 40-55ppm uses a different one and so do the 65ppm and faster models. For the 32-38ppm version, see our part number C35DDIG. For the 45-55ppm, see our part number C45DDIG.