IBT Belt Cleaner Assembly for Xerox® C32 style

: 604K7060, 604K07060, 604K7061, 604K07061, 604K7062, 604K07062, 42K92441, 042K92441, 42K92444, 042K92444, 42K92445, 042K92445, 42K92446, 042K92446, 42K92447, 042K92447, 42K92448, 042K92448

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) C32, C40, (DocuColor) DC1632, DC2240, DC3535, (WorkCentre) M24, M32, M40, Pro32, Pro40, C2128, C2636, C3545 & (WorkCentre) 7228, 7235, 7245, 7328, 7335, 7345, 7346, Also Panasonic DP-C321, C401 & Lexmark X935, X940, X945

New Transfer Belt Cleaner Assembly

This assembly includes the blade which cleans the IBT Belt (Accumulator / Transfer Belt).

Replaces the following assemblies: 604K7060 / 604K07060, 604K7061 / 604K07061, 604K7062 / 604K07062, 42K92441 / 042K92441, 42K92444 / 042K92444, 42K92445 / 042K92445, 42K92446 / 042K92446, 42K92447 / 042K92447, 42K92448 / 042K92448

NOTE: Life-Counter reset instructions are included for all except the following models: (DocuColor) DC1632, DC2240, DC3535 & (WorkCentre) M24. For these models you will need the PWS (Portable Work Station) laptop computer to reset the life counter. A PWS is a laptop equipped with special software to communicate with specific models of machines. If you know how this can be accomplished without the PWS, please let us know. Thanks!