Fuser Exit Actuator Kit (Repairs 604K71430 / 815K02550) Xerox® Phaser 5500 style

For Repairing the following : 604K71430, 815K02550

For Xerox® models:  For Xerox® Models:  Phaser 5500, 5500B, 5500N, 5500DN, 5500DT, 5500DX, 5550N, 5550DN, 5550DT

 Fuser Exit Actuator Kit - Includes both versions of the actuators (for repairing the Exit Sensor Assemblies: 604K71430 / 815K02550)

Kit Includes: 

- 1 Type A version of Actuator (120E22122 / 120E31151) (old version)
- 1 Type B version of Actuator (not spared in OEM parts book) (new version)
- 1 Easy E-Clip (plastic... replaces the tiny metal OEM one which is easily lost an difficult to re-install)


The most common problem in the fuser exit sensor area is deformation of the actutor where the paper hits it to flag the sensor.  The heat from the fuser tends to cause this damage on the OEM actuators (they start to melt).  Our actuators are made of better stuff... they won't melt in this way.