Fuser Heat Belt Kit (Repairs 604K91256, 607k08993,etc) Xerox® WC7970 and C8070 family

For Rebuilding any of the following: 604K91259, 604K91258, 604K91257, 604K91256, 604K91255, 604K91254, 604K91253, 604K91252, 604K91251, 604K91250, 126K37008, 126K37007, 126K37006, 126K37005, 126K37004, 126K37003, 126K37002, 126K37001, 126K37000, 607K09006, 607K09005, 607K09004, 607K09003, 607K09002, 607K09001, 607K09000, 126K36980, 607K08993, 607K08992, 607K08991, 607K08990

For Xerox® models: WorkCentre 7970 / 7970i Color Multifunction Printer, or AltaLink® C8070, C8055, C8045, C8035, C8030

Fuser Heat Belt Kit (w/ gear/ bearing, slip sheet, & Lubricant) - For Rebuilding: 604K91259, 607K09006, 126K37008, 607K08993, 126K36980, etc.


***Our kit now comes with our REDESIGNED 9-Slot SLIP SHEETS... we improved on the original design so it is considerably stronger.