Fuser Heat Belt Slip Sheet (for repairing 126K34853 or 1R620, 001R00620) for Xerox® Versant V80, V2100 Press

For Repairing: 126K34855, 126K34854, 126K34853, 001R00620 (1R620)

For use in Xerox brand: V80, V180, V2100, V3100 Heat Belt Modules

Fuser Heat Belt Slip Sheet  (the fabric guide from inside the heat belt - For repairing 126K34855 / 126K34854 / 126K34853 / 001R00620)

Note: We recommend you also get the Heat Belt Oil (V80FHBO) to lubricate this piece thoroughly... This is critically important. Without enough lubrication, the new slip sheet will shear off and fail and may result in the heat belt itself getting damaged. Read the Rebuild Instructions.