Left Door Interlock Actuator (Repairing: 802K58260) Xerox® C123 families, WC5225 families and Phaser 5500 style

For repairing the following : 802K58260

For Xerox® Models: (WorkCentre) WC-5230, 5230A, 5225, 5225A, 5222, WC-Pro133, Pro128, Pro123, M133, M128, M123, M118i, M118, (CopyCentre) C123, C128, C133, C118 and Phaser 5500, 5500B, 5500N, 5500DN, 5500DT, 5500DX, 5550N, 5550DN, 5550DT

 Left Door Interlock Actuator - For repairing 802K58260

This part was mysteriously left off of the parts book pages.  We were lucky enough to be able to source it, so you don't have to buy the entire left door assembly.  It pushes on the drum cartridge's shutter to make sure it opens properly.   See photo #2 for the location of the part on the door.