2nd BTR Rebuild Kit (To Repair 059K78322) Xerox® DC700 & J75 Families

For Rebuilding: 059K78322 (59K78322), 059K78321 (59K78321), 059K78320 (59K78320), 059K55905 (59K55905)

For Xerox® models: Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770, C75 & J75

2nd BTR Rebuild Kit - for Transfer Roll Assembly - For Rebuilding 059K78322, 059K78321, 059K55905

Includes: OEM 2nd BTR Roller (DC700BTR2), 2nd BTR Blade (DC700BTRB) & Wax Bar (DC700BTRWB) Note that the Cleaning Brush is now sold separately as it is not always needed.