A Quick Intro to The Parts Drop

We're a group of like-minded people who want to work together and do a good job serving our customers!

Our business began in 1984 when Paul Horvat launched Service Excellence, an Independent Service Organization. By the mid 90's our company sold off the service end of the business because selling parts and supplies had really taken off for us.

Our idea for our website, is to keep it simple and homegrown. We want to offer as much information as we possibly can in a format which is; down to earth, a pleasure to read, and easy to navigate.

We’re a low profile, ever diversifying company with our foundation in a unique niche...

Low Tech solutions for High Tech problems.

We are not directly affiliated with Xerox® Corporation, yet we recognize that Xerox is our mother company in many respects and we firmly believe that Xerox® copiers have the potential to be the best in the land. We want to open up that possibility by making available the products and information needed to make it so...

We believe that it's the responsibility of people of every trade and profession to add our own individual pools of knowledge to the internet... to do our part to pave the Information Super Highway which ties all of our collective knowledge together.

We specialize in making available the parts people need to repair Xerox copiers... Our favorite parts are the ones we have made because they were not spared except as much larger assemblies; parts which are not spared in the OEM Parts Lists... to cut down on costs of servicing these marvelous machines.

To all of you, from all of us at The Parts Drop - Thank you and Many Happy Repairs!

Britt Horvat
President - The Parts Drop

The Parts Drop
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