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Important: The information presented here is for the use of a qualified, experienced technician. Without the background knowledge which comes with training, you risk doing more damage then good to the copier & also risk your own safety. If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, do not use the information posted here. Thank you. Read our conditions of Use for more information.

Acronyms & Abbreviations Index

Xerox has a tendency of creating a language all it's own using acronyms & abbreviations... the more you use their manuals, the more familiar the terminology becomes... but they also like to change the acronyms as time goes on, so here's keeping you posted. We've also included a bunch of terms common to the industry to be through.

TermStands ForNotes
A/P Advanced/Professional (Finishers)
AAA Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting
ABS Automatic Background Suppression. ABSolute
ACK Acknowledge
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AHA Advanced Hardware Architecture
AMCV Average Monthly Copy Volume
AMPV Average Monthly Print Volume
AMR Automatic Meter Read
AMS Automatic Magnification Selection
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOC Auto Offset Control, Automatic Offset Control
API Application Programming Interface
APS Auto Paper Selection
A/D Analog to Digital� Refers to a conversion of signal
AC Alternating Current Electricity from outlet is AC
ACK Acknowledgement A message sent to indicate that a block of data has arrived at its destination without errors.
ACL Alternating Current Live
ACN Alternating Current Neutral
AMP Ampere Measurement of amplitude of an electrical current.
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATVC Auto Transfer Voltage Control
A3 A Metric Paper Size Paper size: 297mm x 420mm (11.69 x 16.54 inches)
A4 A Metric Paper Size Paper size: 210mm x 297mm (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
ARP Address Resolution Protocol. Converts an IP address to a MAC address.
ASSY Assembly
ASTM American Standard Test Method
ATM Adobe Type Manager
ACO America Customer Operations Synonymous with AO.
AO Americas Operations
ADF Automatic Document Feeder Similar functions to DADF, RDH, SDF with subtle differences.
ADH Automatic Document Handler Similar functions to ADF, DADF, RDH, SDF with subtle differences.
ASF Automatic Stapler Finisher
ACT Advanced Customer Training Course which teaches customers to perform technical services which are normally for technicians only.
ADJ Adjustment Procedure Section 4 of most current Xerox manuals is Repairs / Adjustments.�ADJs explain how to adjust physical & electrical variables.
ACDC Area Coverage Density Control
ADA Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog
ADC Automatic Density Control
ASP Authorized Service Provider
ATC Automatic Toner Concentration
ATPD Across The Process Direction
AZAP Any Zone Any Paper