DC700 / 550 / C60 - 2nd BTR Roll **Metal** 059K46251-M (For Repairing 059K68395, 059K78322, 059K79313, etc.) Xerox® 550, C60, 700, J75 families

For Repairing the following assemblies: 059K46251,59K68395, 059K68395, 59K68394, 059K68394, 59K68393, 059K68393, 59K68392, 059K68392, 59K68391, 059K68391, 59K78322, 059K78322, 59K78321, 059K78321, 59K78320, 059K78320, 59K79313, 059K79313, 59K79312, 059K79312, 59K79311, 059K79311, 59K79310, 059K79310

For Xerox® models: (Digital Color Press) 700, 700i, 770, (Color) 550, 560, 570, C60, C70,  (PrimeLink) C9065, C9070 & (Digital Press) C75, J75 & DC5000/7000/8000

2nd BTR Roll, Only**Metal** - 059K46251, 59K46251 pd Brand 


This all metal roller is a good solution... well tested by our favorite technician, Wilfredo!  These are reported to work great especially on coated paper stock.