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IBT (Transfer Belt) Cleaner Assembly (OEM 802K99855, 802K99854, etc.) for Xerox® 4110 style

PD # 4110IBTCA
Valid OEM Part Number: 802K99857, 802K99856, 802K99855, 802K99854, 802K99853, 802K99852, 802K99851, 802K99850
  • Details
  • For Xerox® models: 4110, 4110EPS, 4590, 4590EPS, 4595, 4595EPS

    IBT Cleaner Assembly - OEM 802K99855, 802K99857, 802K99854, 802K99853, 802K99852, 802K99851 and 802K99850 Genuine Xerox®