Black Developer Clutch Assembly (OEM 121K42230 / 121K59541) for Xerox® 700, 550 & J75 Families

Valid OEM part number : 121k42230

For Xerox® models: Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770, Color 550, 560, 570, C60, C70 & Color C75, J75 Press

Black Developer Clutch  Assembly - 121K42230 / 121K59541 Genuine Xerox®


Note that the new part number is 121K59541 and for some reason the OEM label says "Clutch Assy-Fusing Nip" but we have been reassured this clutch is the correct part for the black developer drives as well and this part number replaces the earlier part number 121K42230. 

This clutch has a white gear with 43 Teeth - helical / slanted teeth.