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C35 style - Documents Multi-feeding / Jamming

C35 style - How to solve DADF Multi-sheet Feeding.

Technical Specifications

For C35 style:

For Xerox® families (Models): 5890 family (WC-5890, 5875, 5865, 5855, 5845),
5790 family (WC-5790, 5775, 5765, 5755, 5745, 5735, 5730),
5687 family (WC-5687, 5675, 5665, 5655, 5645, 5638, 5632), 
275 family (WC-275, 265, 255, 245, 238, 232, 175, 165, M175, M165, Pro275, Pro265, Pro255, Pro245, Pro238, Pro232),
Pro55 family: (CopyCentre: C35, C45, C55, WorkCentre: M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55), 
& DC555 family (DocumentCentre: DC-555, 545, 535, DC555, DC545, DC535)


This information holds true for all of the following DADF Feed heads:  

5675DFHA (113R00718), 232DFHA (113R00717, 113R00710, 113R00686), or C35DFHA (113R00651, 113R00497)


     On the entire C35 style, there has always been a very common problem with multi-sheet feeding, up in the Automatic Document Handlers (DADF / ADF). This is true even with brand new, OEM DADF Feed Heads. 

     The trouble is caused by the white Document Separation Roll slipping.  Instead of providing friction for separating the sheets the way it's supposed to, the shaft can slip.


We have gotten into the habit of checking every Document Feed Head Assembly we sell, to make sure the Separation Roller is not slipping in this way... We found that brand new OEM assemblies have this problem once out of about every 4 or 5 pieces.  Unfortunately, even one which checks good can come undone very easily during handling and installation into the machine.


Checking the Document Separation Roller:  Make sure it doesn't have any flat-spots.  If you see flat areas, that'd mean its time to replace the Document Feed Head or get one of our Document Feed Repair Kits (includes the sep roll and replacement rubber tires for the feed and nudger rolls).  Read below to see which exact version to buy for your model of machine

       Refer to the photo / diagram below.  If you hold it by its flat metal shaft end, and then turn the white rubber roller clockwise, it should turn freely... but if you turn the roll counterclockwise, it should resist you somewhat (you can easily over-power the frictoin clutch on this thing, but it should resist a little bit due to the friction spring clutch inside the heart of the roller).  The problem is usually not the friction clutch.  It is the cup shaped piece inside the flat-end of the metal shaft.  That piece nests onto a round stud inside the plastic hub.  For some reason they are not adhered except by suction / pressure.

C35 style- Document Sep Roll Rotation Diagram


The best way to permanenty repair one of the Separation Rollers is to glue the cup shaped piece onto the metal shaft it is seated on.  Refer to the photo below.  Grab the round metal shaft and gently pull the flat metal shaft's end off.  Then use one drop only of a Gel type of Super Glue.  Be careful to only put the glue inside the metal cup.  You do not want any glue to get out onto the plastic hub or it may seize the roller's ability to rotate at all.    

C35 style - Document Separation Roll Repair


If you are in the field and you don't have glue handy... you can instead "Tap" the end of the shaft to compress and re-seat it.  See below:

C35 style- Document Separation Roll repair by tapping

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