Document Slit Glass (For Repairing 002N02582, 2N2582) for Xerox® WC4150 & Pro412 styles

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Replaces: 2N2582, 002N02582, 118N171, 118N00171

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 4150, 4150s, 4150x, 4150xf, 4250, 4250s, 4250x, 4250xf, 4260, 4260s, 4260x, 4260xf, and Pro412 Style

MCT Glass with White Reference Strip - Document Slit Glass - 118N171, 118N00171 (Repairs 2N2582, 002N02582)


If you need this and it is not in stock, ask us about the CVT Assembly that includes this CVT / MCT glass. 4150 We have good used and 4250/4260 we have pulled from brand new machines.