DADF Assembly from a Brand New Machine - for Xerox® WC4250 & WC4260

OEM Part Number: 002N02807 (2N2807)

For Xerox® models: WorkCentre 4250, 4250s, 4250x, 4250xf, 4260, 4260s, 4260x, 4260xf,

DADF (Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder Assembly) - from a Brand New Machine


Includes all of the following smaller parts: 002N02821, 002N02820, 121N01178, 005N01085, 002N02860, 140N63356, 152N11768, 050N00541, 091N80242, 007N01525, 130N01274, 095N00380, 002N02866, 003N01046, 003N01047, 130N01274, 090N00167, 002N02863, 130N01551, 130N01274, 002N02819, 130N01274, 130N01274, 130N01274