Charge Grid (To Rebuild 013R00646, 013R00653, 013R00668, etc.) for Xerox® 4110 style

For Rebuilding: 13R610, 013R00610, 13R635, 013R00635, 13R639, 013R00639, 13R640, 013R00640, 13R646, 013R00646, 13R653, 013R00653 OR 13R666, 013R00666, 13R668, 013R00668

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4110EPS, 4112, 4112EPS, 4127, 4127EPS, 4590, 4590EPS, 4595, 4595EPS, D95 C/P (Copier Printer), D95A (Copier Printer), D110 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D125 (Printer) or C/P (Copier/Printer), D136 C/P (Copier/Printer)

Charge Grid - For the Charge Corona on the Drum Cartridge


We also carry many other parts to rebuild the drum cartridges. See our part number 4110CRK or D95CRK.