Charge (PCR) Roll Cleaning Roller (To Rebuild 013R00647 or 013R00662) Xerox® WC-7425 style

For Rebuilding: 13R647, 013R00647, 13R662, 013R00662

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 7425, 7428, 7435, 7525, 7530, 7535, 7545, 7556, 7830, 7835, 7845, 7855 & 7970

PCR CLEANING ROLLER, (Foam Roll) - for rebuilding the drum cartridges: 013R00647 / 13R647 or 013R00662 / 13R662


***This is the newer version (Type B - White cap) with the spiral foam design and the larger diameter shaft ends.  It replaces the older (green cap, Type A) version and will not fit on the oldest of cartridges.  If you run into a cartridge that has the older type of cleaning roll, it will have a solid foam roll and smaller diameter on the ends of the metal shaft, let us know as we still have a few of the older green cap kind remaining in stock here.