Charge Roll Cleaning Roll (for 013R00664, etc.) Xerox® 550 Family

: 13R616, 013R00616, 13R649, 013R00649, 13R643, 013R00643, 13R656, 013R00656, 13R664, 013R00664

For Xerox® models: Xerox® Color 550, 560, 570, C60, C70, Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770, Color C75, J75 Press

Charge Roller Cleaning Roller Type A - (cleans the PCR / Charge Roller on the Color Drum Cartridges)

Note: There is a new Foam Charge Roll Cleaning Roller, see our part number 550CRCR-B. It is a newer version with smaller diameter. Drum cartridges manufactured 2017 or later have a new version of the Cleaning Roller and the older kind with the larger diameter won't fit in the new assemblies. We still carry both versions (Type A = 550CRCR, Type B = 550CRCR-B). If you want the older kind, call us... We have the older kind in stock too... 

Fits the following cartridges: 13R643 / 013R00643, 13R656 / 013R00656, 13R664 / 013R00664, 13R672 / 013R00672