Copy Cartridge Counter Kit (reset the Count for 13R9, 13R74, etc.) Xerox® 5018 style

: 13R9, 013R00009, 13R13, 013R00013, 13R18, 013R00018, 13R74, 013R00074, 13R505, 013R00505, 113R93, 113R00093, 113R308, 113R00308, 113R161, 113R00161, 113R162, 113R00162, 113R444, 113R00444

For Xerox® models: 5016, 5018, 5021, 5028, 5034, 5126, 5321, 5328, 5818, 5820, XC-1875, XC2675

Counter Mechanism with Actuator Button (Good Used)

This is the piece which is in the Copy Cartridge which you need to reset when you recondition a cartridge. Some new cartridges come with these pieces missing... so we have collected a bunch of them to sell. Read our Cartridge Reconditioning Instructional for information on how to reset these counters.

Resets the counters for the following cartridges: 13R9 / 013R00009, 13R13 / 013R00013, 13R18 / 013R00018, 13R74 / 013R00074, 13R505 / 013R00505, 113R93 / 113R00093, 113R308 / 113R00308, 113R161 / 113R00161, 113R162 / 113R00162 or 113R444 / 113R00444