Cutting Costs...

Providing you with Choices... that's where you'll find that we give you the greatest value.

Non-Spared Parts When you look in an OEM parts book and you see no part number given, or the part you need is only offered as part of a much larger assembly, look again. Check our website and ask us. We make many of the gears and other small parts when they're not spared. If we don't already offer a low cost solution, we want to know what you're seeing broken so we can consider making it in the future for folks.

Drum Cartridge & Fuser Rebuilding We have Drum and Fuser Rebuild Kits, or if you prefer you can buy the individual pieces as needed. Fix your fusers... recycle your drum cartridges... and refill your Toner Cartridges, and you will benefit from the best way to reduce expenses. We have instructions available here on our website for you.  

Good Used Parts:  Need a part but you don't see it listed on our website? If you see that we support a machine, it's worth asking. We keep parts machines on hand and our Good Used parts are the best in the land. We check them carefully, clean them meticulously and sell them at under half the price of a new part in most cases. All Good Used parts come with a 90 day warranty. You can save hundreds if you need an expensive part such as a board or a larger module.  

Rebuilt Drum Cartridges & Refilled Toner Cartridges While we stock most of the OEM cartridges, we also offer superb quality  Reconditioned Cartridges. These carry a fine warranty and thankfully they very rarely need it.  :) We like to offer choices. In many cases we have Genuine Xerox brand (OEM), New in a Plain Box, and Rebuilt... so you have a range of good choices.