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DC250 style - Replacing the Drum Reset Crums

DC250 / 550 / 700 / J75 - Color Drum Cartridge Rebuild Instructions

Technical Specifications

DC250 style


(WorkCentre) 7655/7665/7675/7755/7765/7775,

(Digital Color Press)DCP 700, (Color) 550/560

Replacing the Drum Reset CRUM Chips

(Color Ctg shown in photos… similar procedure is recommended for the Black ctgs as well)


The original CRUM can slide out of its slot but the new replacement CRUMs will not fit in the same way (they have larger components)… so it is necessary to remove the rear end-cover from the cartridge to replace the CRUM.  See the photos below.  Be very gentle with the replacement CRUM to avoid damaging the components on it.  It is recommended that the replacement CRUM be oriented as shown in photo 3.
Drum Reset Crum Replacement

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