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DC250 / 4110 / D95 / V80 style - UI Touch Panel Replacement Instructions

DC250 style - UI Touch Panel Replacement Instructions

Technical Specifications

DC250 style

DocuColor 240/250/242/252/260,
WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675, 7755/7765/7775, Color 550/560/570,
C60/C70, DCP700/700i/770, C75/J75, C9065/C9070

4110 style

 4110/4490, 4112/4127, D95/D110/D125/D136 

V80 style

Versant V80/V180/V280, V2100/V3100/V4100

DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo Header


Touch Panel (DC250TP) Installation

CRITICAL NOTE #1 :   Pay attention to which screws go where.  Missing screws (particularly the machine-thread screws) can cause poor grounding of some of the components and will cause failures.

  • First remove the rear cover.
  • Next remove the metal cover plate (9 machine-thread screws… see Photo #1 below)
DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo #1
  • Now remove the LCD Panel Assembly (disconnect the  Ribbon Cables and the connector and 4 screws). (See Photo #2 below)
    DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo #2
  • CRITICAL NOTE #2: The ribbon cable connectors have tiny “latches” which hold the ribbon in place.  You need to lift each latch gently with a thumb nail before removing or installing a ribbon cable or you may damage the new ribbon cable.
  • With the LCD Panel off, you can see and remove the Touch Panel Assembly (see Photo #3). 
    DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo #3
  • You will need to remove the old touch panel glass from its metal frame completely.  A box cutter is ideal for this purpose  (see Photo #4). The old glass will break during removal, so use heavy gloves and be careful.  If you heat the old glass up a bit with a heat gun, the glue will let go a lot easier and making the glass breakup less.  CRITICAL NOTE #3:  It is important to remove ALL residue from the metal frame before you install the new glass.  Small bits of old tape or glass left behind can cause the new glass to break when pressed into place.  
    DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo #4
  • Finally you can peel off the backing of the double sided tape on the new glass.  Look at how the glass sits on the metal frame to make sure you put it in the correct position.   (see Photo #5).
    DC250 Touch Panel Replacement Photo #5

CRITICAL NOTE #4:  On the 76xx and 77xx models only, a touch problem has been reported to sometimes be caused by software issues.  Reloading firmware for the UI is said to solve problems in those cases.  



If the touch buttons seem to be “off” a-ways, you can recalibrate the touch panel like this:  Power off the machine, then hold down the ‘1,0, & 3’ buttons together while powering back on.  A calibration screen will show up.  Use stylus to touch the 9 points labeled P1 through P9.  The screen will change to a grid with intersecting lines.  Touch the points where the lines cross in random order to see that the panel responds right.  

Then turn the power off, wait a full 60 seconds and turn it back on. 

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