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DC250 style - Differences between Finisher Decurler Rolls

There are two versions of the Finishers with quite different decurler rolls.  Read this write up about the different versions.

Technical Specifications

DC250 style & 4110 style FINISHERS

 (DocuColor) DC240/242/250/252/260, (Xerox Color) 550/560/570, C60/C70, J75 / C75 ,
(Digital Color Press) DCP700/700i/770,  C75/J75
4110/4112/4127/4590/4595, D95/D110/D125/D136


  • Differences between Finisher Decurler Rolls -

(Knowing which Decurler Foam Rolls to order)

If you compare the Finisher Decurler Foam Rolls in the Advanced/Professional Finisher (A/P) and the Light Production Finisher (LP), the two rolls are similar in design but not at all interchangeable. 

  1. A/P version has a shorter shaft than the LP version.
  2. A/P version’s shaft has 2 steps at end, and the LP version has only 1 step down at end.
  3. A/P version has smaller Outer Diameter (O.D.) Foam Tires (AP = 22mm O.D., LP = 24.5 mm)

DC250 Decurler Roll Differences

Which Finisher Decurler Rolls to order:

  • For A/P version of Finisher: (only 1 of these shafts per finisher)  022K71481
    Note that the Cam Arms are not included and don’t appear to be spared in any of the parts books we’ve seen.  Fortunately the Cam Arms do not wear out or break easily.  If you need the Cam Arms, please let us know to see if we’ve found a way to source them yet.
  • For LP version of Finisher: (2 of these shafts per finisher)  604K64390  x2 (DC250FDRK-P / 4110FDRK-P)
    Note that a pair of Cam Arms & Bearings are included with each of these rolls
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