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DC250 style - #1 Tip: The importance of Filter Care

Cleaning the Exhaust and Dust Filter regularly is EXTREMELY important. This is key to keeping the whole machine clean and the best way to get the most life out of the drum cartridges, developer units, and just about every component in the body of the machine.

Technical Specifications

DC250 style

 (DocuColor)DC240/242/250/252/260, DCP700,  550/560, J75 / C75



-  The Importance of Filter Care -


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT…. Clean the Exhaust Filter (dust filter) every time you service the machine… take it out, vacuum it, tap it on the ground, vacuum again… and keep doing that until no toner falls off the filter… a brush can help you get it clean quicker.  This will increase your yields on many of the consumables and other parts… especially the Charge Rolls on the Color Drum Cartridges.


In the original Parts Listings, the Ozone Filter was sold as an assembly (053K91940) which actually included two filters…  Later on they split the item into two filters which are now sold separately…The Exhaust / Dust Filter is the main box-like filter, and then there is the black ozone  filter which sits into the bottom of the other filter.


DC250EDF– Exhaust / Dust Filter (OEM part # is 053K91902) The top white filter is the Exhaust Filter or dirt filter… it traps all of the toner and other particles for you.  It is critical to vacuum this filter off every time you service this type of copier.  Good air flow is extremely important to keep contamination of toner as low as possible in the machine.  If this Exhaust filter gets damaged or clogged beyond what a shop vacuum can fix… or if the gasket around it falls apart, replace it.


DC250OF - Lower Ozone filter (OEM part # is 053K91910).  This is a carbon filter which reduces ozone emission by the machine. It is recommended that you replace it every 150K


DC250CCF - CC Filter (OEM part # is 053K91980).  This little filter is found inside the left cover.  It is supposed to be replaced every 160K. 

DC250 Style Exhaust Dust Filter

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