Decurler Transport Gear Kit (for repairing 059K81491 or 059K79264), 4 gears for Xerox® DC700 & J75 Families

For Repairing any of the following modules: 059K62633 (59K62633), 059K62632 (59K62632), 059K62631 (59K62631), 059K62630 (59K62630), 059K79260 (59K79260), 059K79261 (59K79261), 059K79262 (59K79263), 059K79263 (59K79264), 059K79264, (59K79264), 641S00720, (641S720), 641S01011, (641S1011),

For Xerox® models: (Digital Color Press) DCP700, DCP700i, DCP770, C75, J75

Decurler Transport Gear Kit - Repair your Decurler Module (4 tiny gears) + Mylar Shield

For repairing: 059K62630 - 059K62633, OR 059K79260 - 059K79264    (4 small gears (originals are all white... ours are 3 black one white) from front end of the Decurler Transport.  2 Idler gears, and 2 D-shaft gears).  These four gears tend to get chewed up, causing man of the of the failures in the Decurler Transport Assemblies.  See the photos... 3 gears from the lower half and one from the upper decurler drive roller up top.  Also included is a peel-and-stick mylar shield to help keep toner and developer from falling down onto the gears again (that is what causes the gears to fail in the first place).