Developer Unit (848K13704, 802K55849, etc.) for Xerox® 4110 style

Valid OEM part numbers: 848K13701, 848K13702, 848K13703, 848K13704, 848K13705, 848K13706, 802K55847, 802K55848, 802K55849, 802K89512, 802K89511, 802K89510

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4110EPS, 4112, 4112EPS, 4127, 4127EPS, 4590, 4590EPS, 4595, 4595EPS

 Developer Housing - Genuine Xerox Brand: 848K13704

Note:  only 1 in stock.  After this one sells, stick to D95DU for the newest version of the developer units.