Developer Units KIT (Set of all 4 color DV Units and Developer Materials) for Xerox® 7132 style

Includes the Following:: 604K42980, 604K43010, 604K43000, 604K42990, 604K73410, 675K38910, 802k83411, 675K38920, 802K38930, 802K38940
OR: 802K83418, 802K83559, 802K83539, 802K83499, 604K59620, 641S00602, 604K59600,

For Xerox® models: (WorkCentre) 7132, 7232, 7242

Developer Units Kit (COMPLETE SET... with Information)
***NOTE: Our Black Unit will come without the Front End Cover.  You will need to remove this part and reuse the old one.  It is not a part that wears out, so it should not pose a problem.  

Includes: Black (K) unit***: 604K42980, Cyan unit: 604K43010, Magenta unit: 604K43000, Yellow unit: 604K42990... also Developer Materials: Black (675K38910 / 802k83411), Cyan (675K38920), Magenta (802K38930) & Yellow (802K38940) 

Also... and most importantly the information about how to reset all the counters and calibrate the new units... this is key to having the new units work right with the machine.