Direct Pipe Assembly (Waste Toner Transport) (OEM 068K24137, 049K27440, etc.) for Xerox® DC250, WC-7655, WC-7775 and Color 550 Families

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 68K24133, 068K24133, 68K24134, 068K24134, 68K24135, 068K24135, 68K24136, 068K24136, 68K24137, 068K24137, 64K24138, 064K24138, 49K27440, 049K27440, 49K27441, 049K27441, 49K6530, 049K06530

For Xerox® models: (DocuColor) DC- 240, 242, 250, 252, 260, (WorkCentre) WC- 7655, 7665, 7675, 7755, 7765, 7775 & (Color) C- 550, 560 & 570, C60, C70

Direct Pipe Assembly - 68K24137, 068K24137, etc. Genuine Xerox®

Note: while the individual pieces on this assembly are not shown as spared in the OEM parts book, we do carry some of the gears.  See the photo which points out the gears we have available for repairing this unit.