Drum Drive Motor (Good Used, 127K55410 or 127K42780) Xerox® C35 version

: 127K55410, 127K42780

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 35, 232, 238, C35, (DocumentCentre) 535, (WorkCentre) 232, 238, M35, Pro35, Pro232, Pro238, (WorkCentre) 5030

Drum Drive Motor (127K42780 or 127K55410 - Good Used)

(Part of the Main Drive Assembly, 7K12663, 007K12663, 7K13485, 007K13485, 7K14310, 007K14310 or 622S84, 622S00084... also called Main Drive PWB' in the OEM parts books)
Note: For the 45-55ppm version, see our part number C55DDM.