Duplex Idler Pulley/ Bearings Rebuild Kit (Replaces 655N00588) for Xerox® DC700 Family and J75 Family

Replaces: 655N00588, 655N588, 655N00388, 655N388

For Xerox® models: Digital Color Press 700, 700i, 770 and Color C75 / J75 Press

Duplex Idler Pulley / Bearings Rebuild Kit -  Replaces 655N00588 / 655N00388


Includes: 7 Idler Pulleys with 2 bearings each & 14 white spacer rings

This retrofit kit is designed to replace the original simple set of all-plastic pulleys to reduce friction in the drive of the duplex transport section. 

Duplex idler pulley locations and belt tensioner





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