Duplex Mylar Guide / Sheet (OEM 868E44700, 849E31293) for Xerox® 4110, 4112 & D95 Families

Valid OEM Part Numbers: 868E44700, 849E31293

For Xerox® models: 4110, 4112, 4127, 4590, 4595, D95, D110, D125, D136

Duplex Mylar Guide (Support Chute) - OEM 868E44700, 849E31293 Genuine Xerox®


This is a pre-cut mylar sheet with adhesive backing. If this clear plastic mylar chute gets damaged or gets burrs along its edge, it will cause skewing and jams on the second side of copies or prints, in the Duplex Transport Assembly.  See the 2nd photo above which shows where this piece can be found.  It is not immediately visible.