Keeping things simple & home-grown...

We're a small company of like-minded people who want to work together and be merry!

The main idea behind our online catalog is to keep it simple and homegrown.  We want to offer as much information as we possibly can in a format which is; down to earth, a pleasure to read, and easy to navigate. 

Paul Horvat was both literally and figuratively the founding Father of our company.  He  imagined this company as a low profile, ever diversifying company with our foundation in a unique niche...Low Tech solutions for High Tech problems.  He watched over us and guided us for years before he retired, at which time he passed the business along to his two sons Britt and Kurt and his long-time friends Elaine and Rekha.  Paul passed away in September of 2017.  His concept of keeping things small and simple continues to guide and inspire us. 

Paul Horvat - our beloved founding father

Xerox® Corporation is in no way affiliated with our company, but we love them all the same!  We think of Xerox® as being our mother company in many respects and we firmly believe that Xerox® copiers have the potential to be the best in the land.  We want to help open up that possibility by making available the products and information needed to make it so...

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