Feed Head Assy (Rebuilt for Tray 3 or 4, 59K30550 / 59K30552) Xerox® C35 style

: 59K30550, 059K30550, 59K30552, 059K30552

For Xerox® models: (CopyCentre) 35, 45, 55, C35, C45, C55, (DocumentCentre) 535, 545, 555, (WorkCentre) M35, M45, M55, Pro35, Pro45, Pro55, (WorkCentre) Bookmark 40, 55, & (WorkCentre) 5030, 5050

Rebuilt Feed Head Assembly (59K30550 / 59K30552)

This assembly fits either Tray 3 or 4. It includes the Feed Roll, the Paper Empty Sensor and the entire fragile housing assembly.

If you only need the paper feed roll, (roll w/3 tires on it), see our part number C35PFR. (If the feed roll on this assembly only has 2 longer tires on it, see our part number 232PFRA3.)

Note: This assembly can be replaced by the upgraded WC-232 version Tray 3 / 4 Paper Feed Head Assembly, see our part number 232FHA3.