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Document Pinch Roll Kit - Type B (OEM, 499K15760 for repairing 022K72800) Xerox® 6204, 6604 & 6705

PD # 6204DPRK-B
OEM part number: 499K15760
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  • For Xerox® models: Wide Format 6204, 6604 & 6705

    Document Pinch Foam Roll Repair Kit (OEM) - 499K15760 (Type B) (for repairing the Scanner: 022K72800)

    Note: This is an OEM tire kit with 11 foam tires on hubs. There are 22 tires in the scanner, so to complete the repair you may need 2 of these OEM kits.
    There are two versions of the Document Feed Pinch Rollers.  This kit is designed to work with the newer "Type B" version.  On this kind, the foam tires are mounted on plastic hubs which spin freely on the aluminum tube / shaft.  On the earlier version, the foam is adhered directly to the aluminum tube.  For the other kind, see 6204DPRK.